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Released On: July 15, 2024

Introducing the cheat sheet for working in professional theatre! After years of dance recitals, hours of scene study, and weeks of practicing high notes, you're ready to start working. Then you book your first job! What will rehearsal be like? What's a put-in? Do I get a grace period for a half-hour? The culture of Broadway has built a nice list of rules and traditions. Some you know, but most you don't. Now, after 10 years in this business of show, I'd like to share what I've learned.


I'll talk to you story by story in detail from each of the shows I was blessed to join including The Lion King, Mean Girls, The Book of Mormon. We will cover how to sustain yourself while doing eight shows a week, when to call out, how to avoid burnout and much more! Included is a glossary of job descriptions for all involved, backstage equipment, and frequently used phrases. In this book, each lesson comes with the real-life experience (and oftentimes, mistake) I learned it from.


You'll learn what I've learned firsthand (and secondhand) from 10 years in the business under every Equity contract. Welcome to the ABCs of the business of Broadway. This is for young professionals and theater fans alike. You've got the job; now keep it.

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